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Che is a tile pattern game designed by Cameron Browne.  It's similar in many ways to Palago, but uses the same tiles as Truchet.   The object of the game is to form a closed shape in your color, and tiles are played two at a time.  The game ends (with an alternate victory condition) at 64 tiles

Rules:  The first player plays one tile to start the game.  All subsequent turns play two tiles, adjacent to those alreadly played, but not necessarily adjacent to each other.  The first player to form a closed shape wins.  At tile 64, the game ends, and the winner is the player with the single largest connected area.

Observation:  Che tends to be an agressive attacking game, but attacking forces the defensive player to form large connected groups.

Robots:  It's a diffucult for the bots, unless you make an obvious mistake.
che board

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The back story: 
Che is an example of retasking - I already had the logic for manipulating Truchet tiles, so retasking it to a boardless "tile pattern" game was a relatively simple task.

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