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Truchet is a stacking game whose unique feature is a board based on Truchet tiles.   There is only one type of tile, which can be flipped and/or rotated  to fill a plane with copies of itself.   In the game, tiles can be flipped to reconfigure the pattern of rivers and islands.   Stacks can move along rivers, or can split or merge to for new stacks on the opposite color.   It's a pretty complex game with  a lot going on and many options for every move.

Important:  The game is so new that precise rules of the game are still subject to change.  The goal of the game at boardspace is to occupy three of the four enemy bases, which are marked with a white square on the board.   You can also win by capturing all the opposing pieces, as in Cameron's description.

Robots:  It's still early for this game, but the bots look pretty good to me..
truchet board

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The back story: 
I discovered Truchet tiles and became obsessed.

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