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Ordo and Ordo-X

Ordo and Ordo-X are mostly racing games, but also have elements of a connection game.   All your pieces must remain connected;.

in Ordo, the primary way to win is to reach the opposite side of the board.  You can also win by capturing all your opponent's stones, or by preventing your opponent from remaining connected.   Pieces can only move backward when required to reconnect.   In addition to the usual single-piece moves, Ordo features phalanx-like "Ordo" moves, where a line of pieces move in parallel.  Read the complete rules here.

Ordo-X is a variant, but different enough that it deserves it's own discussion.  The biggest difference is that when an opponent move disconnects your pieces, instead of forcing reconnection, all of the smaller group of pieces are captured.   Ordo-X features an expanded variety of "Ordo" moves, and additionally adds a second "forward only" move if a sideways move is made.  Read the complete rules here.

In both Ordo and Ordo-X, the wisdom of captures is far from obvious; because of the requirement to remain connected, smaller groups of pieces are more nimble and better able to race to the goal.  When reduced to 2 or 3 pieces, you can be virtually unstoppable.

Robots:  Robot seems to be adequate, if not stellar.

ordo board

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The back story: 
Ordo languished on my possible-but-not investigated list for 10 years.  I finally learned it when it was added to the Mochalunt tournament in 2022.


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