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Meridians is a race-to-obliteration game; one player or the other loses all their stones.  The key mechanic is that new stones can only be added where they can "see" some existing, friendly stone.  Any connected group of stones that can't see any other group is eliminated.   The Official Rules are delightfully simple.  Capturing is the obvious goal, but territory is the key to winning.   At the end of the game, uncapturable groups are forced to expand until they merge; leading to a giant crash for the player with less territory.

Meridians uses a slightly asymmetric board which has no center cell; which seems like an obvious way to avoid having the center be special, but I've never seen it before on a hex-hex board.

Robots:  Robot seems to be weak, so far.


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The back story: 
I noticed Meridians when it was added to BoardGameArena.  Better late than never, and I'm not ashamed to follow the lead of another good site..


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