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Havannah is an innovative variation of Hex, played on a hex-hex board with any number of cells per edge.  There are 3 ways to win; forming a "bridge" connecting two corners, forming a "fork" connecting 3 sides, or forming a "ring" which is any closed loop.  Draws are possible, but are extremely rare.   Read the complete rules here.

Invented by Christian Freeling, who says "It should be noted that Havannah didn't emerge from any a priori concept. It was just a lucky merger of three winning conditions."  Indeed.  Whereas hex involves careful analysys of one kind of  influence, the multiple goals in Havannah create a much more complex and varied landscape.

Robots:  Robot seems to be adequate, if not stellar.


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The back story: 
Havannah was one of those games I was vaguely aware of at a "rules only" level, but when it was added to a tournament I was playing, I was motivated to add it.  With Hex as a starting point, it only took a day.


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