Application Loader Page

Boardspace can run from all the common platforms.   In all cases, boardspace is completely free, and there is no advertising or in-game purchases.

Select your platform:
Windows PC
Macintosh PC
Linux PC

Iphone or Ipad
Android phone or tablet

or Your Browser  (any desktop platform)

You can also run Boardspace directly from your desktop browser, but there are good and bad things about doing so.

The good:
  • You don't have to download or install anything
The bad:
  • startup is slow
  • performance is about 10% as good as a native app

When you run the app from whichever platform, the first thing you should see is the login screen.  Eventually you will want to create an account (it's free) but the first time you can check the "guest" box and log in as an anonymous guest.

login scree

  help videoView a short video to help get you started.
A general guide how to use the Boardspace lobby is here.
On desktop pcs, you need to have Java installed  and configured .  This page has other information about getting java installed and configured on your computer.

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