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Triad is a three player capturing game that was specifically designed to be balanced, and to avoid the "kingmaker" problem that is common in multiplayer games.   The objective of the game is to eliminate all of one player's stones, while keeping the largest number of stones on the board.   Consequently, both the second place and third place player at any time are motivated to work against the first place player.  The other unusual feature of the game is that the turn order is not fixed.  The rules are very simple, read the complete rules here.

Triad is only playable by three players.  At boardspace, you can play either with three human players or with two humans and a robot.

Robots:  To be determined.

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The back story:
Triad was selected as the first boardspace game for more than 2 players. It's definitely a pure abstract, and it's designed to be balanced with 3, and I already had a good working relationship with Cameron Browne.

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