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Mutton is a deductive game for two players.  One player plays as wolves who disguise themselves as sheep in order to eat as many sheep as they can.  The other player is the farmer who tries to kill the wolves before they eat too many sheep.

The full rules are available here

Only one round is played in this version.  The first player sets up the board and decides how many dead sheep the wolf player needs to cause in order to win.  The second player then chooses to play as the wolf or the farmer.  The farmer player wins if he can shoot all 4 wolves before the targeted number of sheep are killed (either by being eaten by the wolf or shot by the farmer.) The wolf player wins if the targeted number of sheep are killed before all 4 wolves are killed.

If you prefer to turn off the score sheet and keep score yourself, printable score sheets are available at Cameron Brownes site.

Robots: Dumbbot currently chooses randomly from valid moves and is fairly easy to beat.


Inventor Credits:
Mutton was created by Cameron Browne & Stephen Tavener.
Programmer Credit:
The Mutton implementation at Boardspace was created primarily by Richard Walter (rwalter42 here).  It's his first contribution here, but I hope not his last!
Artwork Credits:
  • Sheep & wolf images drawn by Reiner "Tiles" Prokein and were downloaded from his website at  They are specifically licensed as freeware for others to use.
  • Yellow star where farmer chooses target score drawn by ensarija and is available from and is in the public domain.
Sound Credits
Sounds are created from sound files downloaded from the free sound project at
  • Sheep bleat by Erdie (Sheep.flac)
  • Wollf howl by Robinhood76 (00829 wolf howl one shot.wav)
  • Eating sound by gabemiller74 (WereWolfM2.aif)
  • Gun shot by fastson (RemingtonGunshot.wav)
  • Pickup sound by FreqMan (garbage bag (3).wav)

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The back story:
Mutton is a successful experiment.  Richard Walter chose it and developed it as a completely independent project. 

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