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Khet is a very modern Chess-like game played with lasers, mirrors, and a beam splitter.   Online there are no actual lasers of course, but we pretend.  The game is a straightforward capturing game - the object being to capture your opponent's Pharaoh.   All pieces move the same; they either rotate 1/4 turn, or move 1 space.  After each move, the laser is fired, and the beam bounces off mirrors until it reaches a non-mirrored surface.   The lasers will indiscriminately burn your own pieces or Pharaoh as well as your opponents.

The official rules

Robots:  Adequate.

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The back story: 
Khet's original name was Deflexion, and I bought one of the first batch, with an eye to Boardspace.  Unfortunately, the company had other plans for an online site, so it never happened.   Time passed.  The other web site arrived, lived and died.  Patience is a virtue.

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