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Xiangqi is the member of the Chess family which is most widely played in China.  If you look past the surface details, the overall board plan and movement style is similar to chess; but there are a lot of interesting details.

The board is 10x9, and pieces are placed on the intersections rather than in the squares.  The center of the board is called the river, which elephant pieces cannot cross, and soldier pieces become more powerful after crossing the river.  A 3x3 square on the edge of the board is called the palace.  The opposing generals and their guards are confined to their respective palaces.

The pieces, which are red and black, are tradionally just discs with chinese characters naming them.   Boardspace defaults to westernized icons, but the traditional characters are one-click available.. Some of the movements are identical or very similar to Chess, but others are unique, especially the cannon.  

Checkmate is similar to Chess, but perpetual check is forbidden, and stalemate is a win for the stalemating player.

Complete rules can be found here.

Robots:  Adequate.
xiangqi board

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The back story: 
Xiangqi fits in at Boardspace as a little known classic game. I presume that a billion or so Chinese would disagree about the "little known".  I hope boardspace can make it more acessible to the rest of the world.

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