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Black Death

Black Death is an area combat game, based loosely on the concept of deadly diseases fighting to be the most successfull - ie; to kill the most people.  In practice, it also could be regarded as a variant of Risk with a disease theme.

Each player decides the Virulence and Mortality of his disease, and directs it's expansion. Infection and Mortality are partly determined by dice rolls (as in Risk) but directed by you.

Needless to say, including this game was partly motivated by the current pandemic, but the game predates Covid-19 by many years.

Robots:  Not bad at all, but beatable.

black death map

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The back story:  
Way back, before Covid-19 and way before Pandemic the game, I played this a few times because it appealed to my dark sense of humor.   It was a little too roll-y for my taste, but with the rolls and bookeeping handled by the application, it plays quite well, and still appeals.


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