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Viticulture is a medium-high complexity worker placement game, loosely based on wine making.  In the game, you plant grapes, harvest grapes, make wines, and finally fill wine orders to score victory points.   As is common in worker placement game, competition among workers for a limited number of action slots is the main mechanism in the game.   There's a lot of variability in the game - there are about 200 cards (5 different types) and 11 types of
special workers.  Consequently, you have to have a long term plan, but have to adapt the plan continuously depending on the cards you draw as well as the choices the other players make.

The standard version presented here is "Tuscany Essential Edition", which is even better than the original Viticulture.  It includes special workers, structure cards and the expanded board with four seasons, turn order track and influence stars.

Boardspace also hosts a Viticulture Plus variation, where a number of optional rule changes can be selected from a mix-and-match menu of choices.

Robots:  No Robot, but there is a very interesting solo play mode.

viticulture map

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The back story: 
Viticulture has been my grail game for Boardspace since it came out in 2013, but it was initially not available to implement.  Stonemaier games other game Euphoria was offered as a sort of consolation prize.  That worked out well!  Time moves on, and Viticulture became available, so here it is, finally!


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