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Warp 6

Warp 6 is a race to get 6 ships to the end of a long spiral.  The ships are represented by dice, whose top face determined the movement speed.  The trick is that if ships collide, the moving ship "warps" down to the next level of the spiral.   The dice are only re-rolled after a warp move.

Rules:  Start by rolling your dice, 2-d8 3-d6 and 4-d4.  Player take turns placing one die as close as possible to the start.  When all dice have been placed, players alternate moving one die by the number of spaces on it's face, or increasing or decreasing a die face by 1.  If dice collide, the warp down through the next levels, until they reach an empty space or the center.   Dice that warp down are re-rolled. The first player to get 6 dice to the center wins.

Robots:  Dumbot is good at getting a few ships in, but seems to end up with too many laggards.


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The back story: 
After Knockabout, I already had the dice mechanics, and had crossed the "no luck" line, so adding another game with dice that are occasionally rolled seemed natural.

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