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Knockabout is a chess-like strategy game, played on a 7 per side hex board, with dice as playing pieces.  The dice normally determine movement strength, but if movement causes a chain reaction, the last die in line is re-rolled after the move.  The element of luck is limited; just enough to keep the game interesting, not enough to dominate the outcome.

The object of the game is to knock your opponent's pieces into the "gutter" on the outer edge of the board.   Dice move a distance equal to their current value, and induce a chain reaction (similar to billiard balls) if their path is blocked.  In case of such a chain reaction, the last piece in the chain is re-rolled.   You can read the official rules here.

Robots:  Dumbot is a credible but not stellar player.
knockabout board

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The back story: 
I like the idea of dice as playing pieces.  One game I really want is Chase, but it's unlikely to happen.  I found Knockabout while researching and collecting other abstract dice games.

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