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Sadly, Kamisado is no longer available on Boardspace.   Kamisado now has an android App.


Kamisado is a racing game with a feedback move mechanics.   The color of the square your opponent landed on determines the piece you must move.  The first player to reach the opposite side of the board wins.  At first it seems baffling, but after you master the one-move look ahead, strategy begins to emerge.

Official Rules (pdf)'

Notes on the rules:  The rules for blocked pieces are the most subtle and easy to misinterpret.
  • If a piece which is required to move cannot move forward, the player passes, and the opponents next move must be the color of the passed piece's square.  Think of this as the piece having just made a zero-length move to the same square.
  • If both players cannot move, the player who caused the deadlock (ie; the last player to actually move) loses the game.

Robots: They seem pretty strong, if only because the look-ahead is so strange to a human.


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Kamisado Official Rules (pdf)

The back story: 
Kamisado is one of those ulta-simple-yet-baffling games I love.  The biggest problem was locating the inventor.


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