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Octiles is a racing game for 2-4 players.  The board uses an unusual grid with square posts interspersed among octagons.  Runners perch on the posts, and traverse paths drawn on the octagons.

Each move consists of placing (or replacing) a tile, and moving a runner over a path that includes that tile.  The runners can't bump or capture each other, so the game is to block your opponent's advance by a combination of occupying the posts he would prefer, and creating lines which let you advance rapidly while your opponents creep forward one post at a time.

Read the official rules for details.

Robots: pretty strong - bots are good at tracing lines.

The Octiles™  game is Copyright Dale Walton 1984 (and later) and presented on this site with his permission. Unauthorized commercial use is not allowed.
octiles board

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The back story: 
It's a beautiful wooden game, a pure abstract for 4, so a natural candidate when I started looking for multiplayer games to implement.


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