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(and checkers variants)
Checkers was one of the very first games to be implemented on computers, and one of the first to have a successful playing program.   Papers about checkers by Samuel were probably cited more than any other in the history of game playing programs.    For years, a very successful program, Chinook, defeated all challengers, except one lone human expert, Marion Tinsley.  Chinook finally became the undisputed champion in 1995, when Mr. Tinsley died.  Subsequently, Checkers was solved in the strictest sense, by generating a complete game tree, in 2007.
All this applies to the traditional "American Standard" checkers, which is close to the game you probably played as a kid, except "jumping own men" is not allowed.  There are hundreds of variants, some regional, some modern.  Boardspace has four  interesting variants; Frisian Checkers, Turkish CheckersInternational Checkers and AntiDraughts

Robots:  Beats me (take that literally) but I've never claimed to be a checker players.

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The back story:
I've always used an incomplete implementation of checkers as a blank starting point for other game implementations.  I was finally inspired by this viral video to expand checkers into a full implementation.


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