The Rules for Santorini

The game: is for two players, represented by Cubes and Cylinders, which are referred to as "men".  Cube moves first.
Equipment:: Each player has 2 pieces of his type, and there is an unlimited supply of square tiles and spherical domes..
The object of the game is to win by either moving a man to stand on the third level above the base of the board, or alternatively to manouver so your opponent cannot move on his turn.

The Basic Game


Play starts with a 5x5 grid of squares.   First Cube, then Cylinder place both their men on unoccupied squares.  The position at the right is a typical startining position, after the initial placement, the players alternate turns.
typical start


Each turn has two parts.  First move one of your men to an adhacent space.  The destination space must be unoccupied, and no more than one level higher than your starting height.   If you cannot move, you lose.


The second part of each move is to place a new tile adjacent to the man which just moved.  You can place in any unoccupied square.   

Building Domes:

A square placed on level 3 (making it 4 above the base) is immediately replaced by a dome (see below).  Domes cannot be moved onto or built upon.


The normal way to win is to move one of your men to stand on level 3
normal win

Also Winning:

The other way to win is to box in your opponent so he cannot move.
unusual win

Gods and Heros

The basic game can be extended by adding Gods and Heros, which alter the rules of the game (as gods are prone to do).   The tricky bit is that one player chooses the gods, and the other player gets first choice which god to follow.

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