Guide to Lobby Features

The next window after you log in is the Lobby, which is where you find other players and set up games to be played.  The three main areas
are a chat area, a list of other players, and a list of rooms where games can be configured.  The general procedure is to locate a room
and join it, or reconfigure an empty room and join it.  
lobby features
Talk to Player
You can invite players to join you in a game room, or view their profile, or prevent invitations from thay player, or completely mute the player.
Start The Game
Click to start the game, or resume a game that was interrupted.
Enter the Room
Click on either square to enter the room as a player.  In games with human players, the top square will play first, the lower square will play second.
Set Room Type
Select among three types of game room - regular game rooms, master game rooms, unranked game rooms, or several types of specialty rooms.  Unranked rooms will not affect your ranking.  Master rooms are available only to designated master players.  Review rooms view the archives of past games.  Chat rooms are just for talking.  If you plan to talk a lot, please get a room rather than boring the whole lobby with your conversation.
Select the Game
In any empty room, you can select the game you want to play.   Zertz, Hex, Trax, Punct, Yinsh, Gobblet, Hive ... and so on.
Game Parameters
There are currently three choices, "please join" allows anyone to join you in the room and start the game.  "Join if invited" means players should join only if they are expected to.  Only the first player in the room can start the game.   "Tournament" means this is to be a tournament game. Tournament games will be named "T!whatever" in review rooms.

lobby options
Lobby Options
You can turn off sound, turn off lobby chat, globally prevent invitations to play.
Current GMT
using GMT is the most reliable way to agree on times to play tournament games.
More Help
Some short help videos, which cover about the same material as this text page.

Other Lobby Procedures

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