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Volcano is a clever puzzle game published by Looney Labs, played with Treehouse Pyramids.  The black pieces are "volcano caps" which, when moved, can cause "eruptions" of the volcano in the direction the cap moved.  The object of the game is to end the game by collecting all 5 colors, at a time when you hold the best scoring combination.  The rules are here.

Volcano can be played with more than 2 players, but at Boardspace it is limited to two.  Beginners should play with a standard strarting position, but experts will want to start with a randomized position.

Robots:  The robots are pretty good at basic tactics, but are never going to plan long sequences, as even intermediate human players do.

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The back story: 
In this case, it's all about the pieces.  Icehouse pieces look so cool, and are so versatile - I really wanted a representative game for Boardspace.

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