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Qyshinsu is an unusual game played on a circular board.  The essence of the game is that your most recent more severely restricts your opponent's next move, which results in mind-twisting feedback as you play..

The publisher casts the game as a pseudo-mustical oriental mystery with a long tradition, but don't be fooled, only amused.  This game is brand new, very well thought out, and very different.

You can read the details in the rules, but briefly;  the pieces (called stones) are numbered 1 through 5, plus the 0 known as the "old stone".  If the most recent move is numbered N, the next move must be played N spaces distant around the circle.   The goal is to create a situation where your opponent has no legal moves.

Robots:  The robots really kick ass, due to the narrow/deep nature of the search space.
qyshinsu board

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The back story:
Qyshinsu is an unusual case, R.A.F. actively solicited my attention and send me a copy of his game.  It's such an unusual game, it really has to be played to be appreciated.

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