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Quinamid is a 5-in-a-row game with a twist, and also a shift.  It's played on a stack of 5 boards of decreasing size.  The stacked boards can slide or rotate to change the configuration.    It's really a very simple game, but visualizing the changes in geometry can be brain-busting..

Complete Rules: players alternate taking one action, which can be any of
  • place a chip on the board.
  • slide a board (and any boards above it) one space horizontally or vertically.
  • rotate a board 1/4 turn clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • the board moved on the previous turn can't be moved again on the current turn.
  • PIE RULE: on the second player's first move, he may not move the board, and may choose to swap colors instead of making a normal play.
The first player to show 5 or 6 in a row wins.  In case of a simultaneous win, the non-moving player wins.
In the official rules, once you start a movement you are comitted, but the online version allows test moves.

Robots:  The robot is not confused by the variable geometry, and never forgets what's hidden - but it's strategy is rudimentary.


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The back story: 
My wife gave me Quinamid for Christmas (after research, she said).  It proved to be a good game, and therefore a good candidate for Boardspace.  It's pretty hard to find in stores.


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