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Imagine is a picture game, inspired by games like Dixit and Mysteruim, and by the movie Inception.   I really like these games as an exercise in imagination, but they don't quite satisfy as games because you can be stuck with terrible cards (in your opinion) and the scoring is very dependent on the cards you have.  Imagine uses the basic mechanics of  Dixit, but the scoring can vary with your degree of confidence in your choices, and your perceived competitive position.  Read the complete rules here.

Deck 1: is a collection of fantasy landscape illustrations.

Robots:  nope.  This is a language game, and short of real AI the bots would be clueless.

Credits:  Imagine wouldn't be possible without a fabulous image deck.  I collected the images in Deck 1 from which hosts vast numbers of royalty free images.
If you want to curate another deck with a different theme, reach out and we'll work on it. Some random ideas I've had:  Microscope images.  Old master paintings.  Astronomical objects.  A good deck needs a minimum of 100 images, but more is better.  It's a big job!


Imagine rankings at Boardspace
Imagine game results database
Imagine games archive

The back story: 
This is an original game for Boardspace, but definitely based on the mechanicsof "Dixit".  Thanks for the inspiration!


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