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HoneyComb is a word search race inspired by the classic game Boggle.   Read a complete description of the game here.   The basic idea that all players simultaneously race to find words in a grid of random letters.  All play and scoring is simultaneous.

The twists for this digital game:
  • The grid is hexagonal, which has fewer adjacent letters and makes words harder to find.  
  • Scoring is based on scrabble letter scores, so words using rare letters are worth more.
  • Since the scoring and competition is all online, as your opponents find the same words as you, the words disappear from your score.   
  • There's no "whose got this word" phase after the search, it's all done instantaneously.

Honeycomb uses a limited lexicon derived from the open source program Collins Zyzzyva, which has roughly 280,000 words considered acceptable for scrabble.  

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The back story:  Boggle
is a lot of fun, and pretty easy to do by Zoom online;  but the word-matching phase is tedious.  I designed HoneyComb to be "just the game" with instant scoring.

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