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Army of Frogs

Army of Frogs is a step up the food chain from John Yianni's other game, Hive.  It's a boardless board game played with Hex tiles, but all the tiles are frogs, and the goal is to simply collect at least 7 frogs in one cluster.

Army of Frogs is for 2-4 players, but actually plays better with more than 2 players..

You can read the details in the official rules, but briefly; on each move you must move one of your frogs multiple hops (like a hive Grasshopper), then place a new frog.  All frogs must remain connected, as in Hive, but it is illegal to form strings of 3 or more frogs.

Robots:  To be determined.
army of frogs

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The back story:
Army of Frogs was not an immediate A-lister for me, so even though John Yianni has been a good friend of the site, I didn't run out and buy a copy.  Then,  I won a copy as a prize at a Tantrix tournament.

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