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Euphoria is a moderately complex worker placement game, where you must optimize your use of workers in a race to place 10 "Authority" tokens.   Many of the worker activities affect shared resources, so there's a balance between helping yourself and helping the other players - and limited opportunity for direct counter-play.  Generally speaking, your workers produce simple commodities, which are upgraded to resources, which are used to place victory tokens, but the general rules are modified by each player's specific "recruit" cards.

In the physical game there's a lot of fiddling with cards, tokens and progress markers, but the online version handles all of that automatically, so games are super speedy.

Robots:  Not bad at all, but beatable.

euphoria board

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The back story: 
Stonemaier games other game, Viticulture, is one of my current favorites..This is sort of a trial run (not that the games are very similar, but they're both very good.)


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