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Crossfire is a minimalist stacking game by Christian Freeling.  It's played on a "snowflake" shaped board with hex connectivity.  It's a game so simple and elegant, it doesn't need a separate rules page.

  • The object of the game is to make the last move.  White moves first.  The first player who cannot move loses the game.
  • A move consists of either
    1. Moving the top N of a stack whose top is your color a distance of N in any direction
    2. Placing a single piece from your reserve any place on the board.
    After the move, remove pieces from the bottom of the new stack until the height of the stack is not greater than the number of neighbors the space has on the board.   Removed pieces of the mover's color are kept in reserve and can be reused.  Removed pieces of the other color are prisoners, permanantly out of play.
  • Ko rule: it is illegal to recreate the same position on the board twice using the same move.
Robots:  to be determined.

crossfire board

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The back story: 
I had the idea that Christian Freeling should be represented here, almost since the beginning.  Hexade was one of the games I enjoyed on, back in the stone age of the internet, and I'd played a little Emergo against a java program.   After the third or fourth Cameron Browne game added here, I started to feel really guilty about it.   Several of Christian's A-list games are on other real time sites, so I selected Crossfire.


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