The Rules for Traboulet

The object of the game is to win by capturing 7 red balls, or all of your opponent's balls.  Draws by repetition are possible.

  starting position

Arrange the balls as shown.  White pushes only the white balls, Black only the black balls.  The red balls are never moved directly.

Moving: White moves first.  Pieces are moved by pushing a row of balls one space horizontally or vertically.  Any number of balls can be pushed.  The space in the opposite direction from the push must be unoccupied.  There are two other restrictions:
  • you cannot push a row back if that push recreates the position from two turns ago.
  • you cannot push your own balls off the board.
Capturing:  Capture balls by pushing a ball off the board into the groove around the board.  At the end of your turn, captured balls are removed from the groove and stored in the spaces outside the groove.

Additional Moves:  If your move captures a ball, you may make an additional move, and may contutinue making additional moves as long as you continue capturing.  You can move any ball in any legal direction, not necessarily same ball as the first move, or in the same direction.

Elementary observations:

  • It's possible to capture many balls in one turn, so the game can be over verry suddenly.
  • Because of the "don't push back" rule, a move which closes the gap to form one solid row is dangerous.

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