The Rules for Jumbulaya

Score the most points by playing words on the grid.
  • Draw random tiles to fill the three middle columns of the board..
  • Give each player a tile rack and 5 random tiles and a color marker.
  • Select a random first Player.
Each turn, you can manipulate the tiles in ONE row to form a word.  The new word must:
  • be a valid scrabble word.
  • use at most 2 letters from your rack.
  • use at least as many tiles as the previous word on that line.
  • be a new word, not previously played on that line.
In other words, you may rearrange the letters any way you want, and take unused letters into your rack, subject to the restrictions above.  The number of letters in the word does not matter, only the number of tiles used to form the word.  For example it's forbidden to replace B-A-T-CH with B-A-T-C-H.  You may  play a word on a line you already own.

Mark the new word as owned by with your color marker.
Draw tiles to have 5 tiles in your rack.
Alternate turns:
You may pass, or you may discard tiles, mix the discarded tiles into the draw pile, and draw replacements.

Jumbulaya plays.
If all lines are claimed, and at least one line has 7 tiles, anyone, at any time no word is being played, can form a Jumbula, which ends the game.  A Jumbulaya is a 7 8 or 9 tile word, top to bottom, using one tile per line.  7 or 8 tile jumbulayas will skip one or two lines.   Playing a Jumbulaya ends the game immediately.   The penalty for failing to play a Jumbulaya once you start one, is to lose your next turn.

The score for a each line you own is as follows:
  • 3-6 tiles, 1 point per tile plus 1 point per double letter
  • 7 tiles 10 points  plus 1 point per double letter
  • 8 tiles 12 points  plus 1 point per double letter
  • 9 tiles 15 points  plus 1 point per double letter
  • 10 tiles 20 points  plus 1 point per double letter
Score for forming a Jumbalaya depends on the number of  tiles used
  • 7 tiles 10 points
  • 8 tiles 12 points
  • 9 tiles 15 points
End of Game
The game ends one of 4 ways.
  • some player plays a Jumbulaya
  • some player plays a 10 tile word
  • some player owns all 9 lines.
  • no player plays a word for 2 rounds.
When the game ends, the player with the most points wins.

Letter Distribution
     A 6  B 3  C 4  D 4  E 9  F 3 G 3  H 3  I 6 J 1  K 2  L 5  M 4  N 5  O 6  P 3  Q 0  R 6  S 5  T 5  U 3  V 1  W 2  X 1  Y 2  Z 1
Double Letters
    QU 1  CH 1 ED 1 ER 1 LY 1 ST 1 TH 1

Game Setup
Game ended by Jumbulaya

game end with 10 letter word
Game ended by making a 10 letter word                      

game end by all words
Game ended by owning all lines

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