The Rules for Iro

Iro is a race across the board game.  The first player to get once of his pieces to the home row of the other player wins.


12 tiles, each with four colored squares, which are used to form the board.

18 black and 18 white pieces, each with 3 colored areas.

Setup:   The white player, then the black player, arranges 6 randomly selected tiles to form their side of a 6x9 board.  The only restriction is that the row closest to the player must have at least one square of each color.  

Place 12 of the 18 pieces in the first two rows of the board.  The remaining pieces are the reserve and may be used during the game.

On Boardspace, a valid baord is constructed automatically, but the players are able to rearrange the board before placing pieces on it.

starting position
Movement:   On their turn, a player may either
  • Move a piece (subject to the movement rules)
  • Exchange a piece with one from their reserve.

Movement rules, any piece can move up to 3 spaces, each movement must be to a square whose color matches one of the 3 colors on the piece.  
  • Movement MAY stop on any empty square.
  • Movement MAY NOT stop if the square is occupied by one of your own pieces.
  • Movement MUST stop if the square is occupied by  one of your opponents's pieces.  The opponent piece is captured and returned to the opponent's reserve.
simple movement
movement overcapture

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