Guide to Lobby Features

The next window after you log in is the Lobby, which is where you find other players and set up games to be played.  The three main areas
are a chat area, a list of other players, and a list of rooms where games can be configured.  The general procedure is to locate a room
and join it, or reconfigure an empty room and join it.  
normal lobby
The  lobby shows who is logged in, and allows you to play or spectate in games.  It may not be obvious, but most of the features in the lobby
are clickable.   The basic flow is that you either join a room where someone else has set up a game, or select an empty room, configure it,
and start your own game.
Select the type of game you want to playIf you are looking for a particular game, click here and select a game.  This will advertise to everyone else in the lobby which game you want to play, but it doesn't directly do anything else.
Send to all, or a single playerChat messages can be sent to everyone in the lobby, or privately to a single player you select here.
Send a line of chatSend a line of chat to the players in the lobby.
Set the room typeThere are several room types, the most important are
  • Play Games - rooms where you can actually play a game
  • Unranked Games - rooms where you can play games that do not affect your rankings.
  • Review Games - rooms where you can replay games from the archives.
Click to Start a gameWhen enough players are waiting to start a game, click here to actually launch the game.  Only the
person who set up the game, and "owns the room" can start the game.
For games "in progress", this button will say "spectate", you can click to watch the game being played.
Click to take a seatClick on an empty seat to wait for the game to start.  In games with human opponents, this also
selects the starting player or color you will play.  In games with robot opponents, the starting player
is randomized.
Game being played or plannedThe middle column show what games are in progress.  You can click to scroll the games list to see the room.

lobby options
Lobby Options
You can turn off sound, turn off lobby chat, globally prevent invitations to play.
Current GMT
using GMT is the most reliable way to agree on times to play tournament games.
More Help
Some short help videos, which cover about the same material as this text page.

Other Lobby Procedures

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