About the Rankings

The ranking system is an ELO style system, with a few tweaks to accomodate networked play.  The main parameters are:
Generally speaking, the rankings are a very rough guide to how strong a player is, especially players who haven't played many games.  The rankings depend as much on who you choose to play as on how good you are.

About Master Rankings

The master ranking system is a parallel ranking system, which uses the same basic formula as the regular ranking system.  The main difference is that master rankings are based only on serious games between serious players.  Eventually, comparing master rankings might be a fairly reliable guide to the relative playing strength of master players.

About the Ranking Ladder

The ranking ladder is a parallel rating system based on the idea that better players win in games against worse players, so there's a natural hierarchy with the best players at the top.     Boardspace implementation of this simple idea is designed to encourage players to actually play, and to prevent players who achieve a high ranking from avoiding playing to protect their standing.  Here's how it works. 

Under this system, as long as you keep playing you will remain at your current level or move up.  The only way you can move down is to not play.  Players who do not sleep have an advantage!

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