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Volo is a connection game inspired by the movement of flocks of birds.  It plays somewhat like Hex, but with limited rearrangement of the pieces allowed; and elements of Lines of Action mixed in.  The rules are pretty simple - you either add a new "bird" or move a line of birds in a way that enlarges the flock without splitting it.

Robots:  Volo is a nightmare for robots.  They'll get better but probably won't be very good.
volo starting position

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The back story: 
I was attracted to volo by it's concept.  Flocks of birds have been in my consiousness since the 80's, when Craig Reynolds at Symbolics had a animation program called "Boids" that simulated flocks of birds.  "Volo" was on my short list for a year, but the last nudge was when my wife forwarded this video to me. Small world - the same video is on the Volo home page, and it was filmed near the home of another of my regular gaming companions.


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