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One Day In London

One Day in London is a path-finding game, inspired by the "Ten Days in Europe" family of games, but based on the London Tube.

The official rules are here, but briefly, the object of the game is to form a 10 stop trip through the London underground.   You start by placing 10 cards, one at a time, in your rack.  Once placed, the cards can be moved only by swapping them with a card in one of the discard piles, or a card  from the draw pile.

In the process of playing, you will inevitably learn a lot about getting around in London.

Robots:  The robot seems pretty adept.

one day in london

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The back story: 
This is an original game for Boardspace, but definitely based on the mechanics in the "Ten Days" games.  There may or may not ever be a physical version.


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