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Mogul is a tense auction game with some poker-like elements.  A deck of 32 cards is auctioned one at a time, points are accumulated by winning cards and eventually selling them.   The only randomness in the game is the original order of the deck.

Equipment: There 45 poker chips, 31 share cards and one "crash" card.  Each share card has a main color and a border trim of  a different color.

Set Up: Each player gets 6 chips and 1 brown card. Place the crash card randomly among the bottom 5 cards of the deck.  Select a random starting player.

The Play:
  • Reveal the top card of the deck.
  •  Give 1 point for each card each player holds that is the same color.
  •  Each player, in turn, must either pay a chip, or take all the accumulated chips and withdraw from the auction.
  • The last player to remain in the auction can either take the card, or sell cards whose color matches the border of the auction card, the sale price is the number of cards in play of that color.
  • If the winner took the card, the last player to withdraw can sell cards.  If the winner sold cards, the last player to withdraw takes the card.
  • The player who took the card is the new start player.
Buying chips: once per auction, each player can sell 2 points and receive 2 chips if the bank has them.

Winning: when the crash card appears, the game ends immediately.  Any cards you still hold are worthless except as a tie breaker, and chips are worth 1 point per 5 chips.  The player with the most points wins.

Robots: To be determined, but monte-carlo style rollouts are used, and they should be increasingly effective in the latter states of a game.
Mogul board
crash card
card back

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The back story: 
I discovered No Thanks at a game gathering.  It's a fun game, but a little too simple for my taste.  Mogul has the same pay-to-play mechanic, with much more strategy.


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