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Gyges is a racing game with unusual move mechanics.  The basic concept is simple - you can move only the pieces on the row closest to you.   Pieces move 1, 2 or 3 spaces in any direction, but if they end their movment on an occupied space, the can either "bounce" with the movement of the piece on the board.   To win, you have to move all the way across the board in a single move, but bouncing from the other pieces on the board.  Games tend to be very short!

  • players alternate turns.  First turn is SETUP each player in turn places 2 of each type along the row closest to him.
  • On subsequent turns, move one piece on the non-empty the row closest to you.  In unusual circumstances, if none of the pieces can be moved, pieces in the next row can be moved.
  • Pieces move 1, 2 or 3 spaces, according to their height, orthogonally in any combination of directions.  You can change direction freely, except you cannot move between the same two spaces again in the same turn.
  • A turn ends when you stop movement in an empty space.
  • If movement would end in an occupied space, continue movement according to the height of the piece on the board.
  • or (in the advanced game) replace the piece you landed on, and place it anywhere on the board that is not behind your opponent's movement row.
  • WIN by ending movement in the space at the opposite end of the board from your movement row.  Typically this will involve several bounces.
Robots: They seem pretty strong, if only because the look ahead is so strange to a human.

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The back story: 
Gyges is the first of the "race with strange rules" games that came to my attention - along with Gounki and Kamisado - so it has been on the back birner for a long time.


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