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Entrapment is a pawn-and-barrier game where the objective is to capture your opponents pawns (called "Roamers") by immobilizing them.
Read the rules here, but briefly - on each turn you take two actions; move a roamer and either move roamer or place a barrier.  Roamers that can't move are captured.

Robots:  The bots are pretty good.

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The back story: 
I wanted Quoridor, but it wasn't available to me.  So I shopped around other pawn-and-barrier games and found Entrapment.  Unfortuinately, Entrapment seemed to be on the dead pile - something that never got into production, but it looked nice so I put a message on Boardgamegeek.  Years later, when Rich Gowell revived the game and started his current incarnation of his business plan, he contacted me.  It pays to play a long term game!

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