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Cookie Disco

Cookie Disco is a boardless board game played with "cookies" on a hex grid.  Cookies have a point value based on their desirability - chocolate cookies are worth the most, ginger cookies less, and simple sugar cookies the least.   The goal of the game is to separate a group of cookies worth more than half.   Cookies have to remain in contact until a winning move is made.  If you have no moves available, you lose.

You can read the details in the official rules, but briefly; cookies have to be slid around the perimeter without disturbing any other cookies or separating the tray into two groups, except for a winning move.  Cookies can stop when resting against 2 or more other cookies.  The distance a cookie can slide depends on the value of the cookies it is adjacent to at the start of the move..

The optional Crawl Cookie expansion (rules) adds an overlay disk which sits on top of the other cookies, and changes the value of the cookie under it to 0.  The crawl cookie moves piggyback with the cookie under it, or can be moved separately to a new position on top.

Robots:  Dumbot is a beatable, but will not miss an easy win.
cookie disco

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The back story:
Cookie Disco is an example of successful self-promotion by the game's inventor.  Olaf  Pieters added "Koekie Loeren" to my proposed Boardspace games list on boardgamegeek. I noticed it there, and the theme and simplicity of the rules were instantly attractive.

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