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Container is an economic game with a shipping theme for 3-5 players.  In the game you buy factories and warehouses, produce goods, buy sell goods with other players, and ultimately ship them to an island which represents the outside world.

The rules of  Container are a little complex, so unless you are already familiar with the game, you should read the official rules here.  Boardspace implements the "second shipment" rules with a few minor differences.  Some notes about the implementation are here.

Container is best with 4 or 5 players, but can be played with one robot player.

Robots:  This is a difficult game for the robot, even though they cheat a little by remembering how much cash everyone has.

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The back story: 
Container is one of my favorite euros.  It's nearly luck free, and the bidding/pricing structure is particularly well suited to online play. 


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