Euphoria:  Version 1 and Version 2 Recruits

amanda the broker v1
For V2, you can bump your own worker, and the bliss is a simple payment not a transfer.
amanda the broker v2
brett the lockpicker v1
V2 is the same as V1 except lower cost.
brett the lockpicker v2
This version 1 card never appeared at Boardspace
brian the viticulturist
This version 1a card appeared at Boardspace and some retail games
brian the viticulturist v2
This is the official version 2 card.
brian the viticulturist
dave the demolitionist v1
V2 is the same as V1 except lower cost.
dave the demolitionist v2
esme the fireman v1
Double benefit if you pay with books.
esme the fireman v2
flavio the merchant v1

flavio the merchant v2
geek the oracle v1

geek the oracle v2
jacko the archivist v1 The final version of Jacko the Archivist also gains 2 knowledge.
jacko the archivist v2
jonathan the gambler v1
Completely different but still a gamble.
jonathan the gambler v2
julia the thought inspector v1
julia the thought inspector v2
michael the engineer v1 Michael the Engineer V1 never appeared at Boardspace.
michael the engineer v2
nakagawa the tribute v1
Nakagawa the Tribute is completely different in V2
nakagawa the tribute v2
phil the spy v1
V2 is the same except less costly than V1
phil the spy v2
steven the scholar v1
The new Steven the Scholar works only when rolling a new worker.
steven the scholar v2
yordy the demotivator v1

yordy the demotivator v2
zong the astronomer v1
Zong the Astronomer is completely different.
zong the astronomer v2

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