Euphoria:  notes for Ignorance is Bliss

Rule changes, which are also applicable to Euphoria V1 and V2

New Concepts and Mechanics in Ignorance is Bliss

There are some new mechanisms which might be confusing

market 31
The Palace of Forced Altruism market will prevent you from gaining resources.  As a reminder that you're not receiving the resources you expect, the lost resources are placed in the trash.    It also provides that you can discard resources, which you can do by clicking on the resources you want to discard, in any context where you are not expected to make a payment of resources.
The recruit Doug the Builder lets you sacrifice a worker in lieu of payment on the market opening spaces.   This "sacrifice" move works just like any other form of payment - it happens automatically if there are no choices involved, or if you have the choice of paying the resource or sacrificeing the worker, you click on the victim 
Recruit Lionel the Cook can ignore a single market by paying food.  He can do so by placing a food offering before taking a worker action.
BornaRecruit Borna the Storyteller can trade a Book or Bifocals artifact for either a Free artifact from the Bazaar, or a Resorce.  She can do so by playing the artifact card before taking a worker action.
Recruit Lars the Ballooneer allows the worker to be moved and reused.  This ability is available only immediately after the worker is
placed and the balloon gained.  Otherwise, the re-use ability could interact with other recruits, or with doubles rolls, in many complex ways.

Recruits Rowena The Mentor and Chaga the Gamer can be used during any turn, but rather than ask every time,  they can be activated by opening the recruit overlay.

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