The Rules for Entrapment

This is my interpretation of the official rules.

The game is for two players, black and white.  
Equipment:: The board is 7x7 or 6x7 squares, with grooves between the squares to guide the placement of barriers. Each player has 3 (or 4) movable pawns called roamers, and 25 barriers.
The object of the game is to win by capturing all of your opponents roamers.


    There are five basic actions. 
  1. Placing a roamer on any unoccupied square.
  2. Placing a barrier ressting on it's long side in any unoccupied groove.
  3. Flipping a friendly barrier from the resting position to standing on it's short side.
  4. Moving a resting friendly barrier to a new position, anywhere on the board.
  5. Moving a roamer.  Roamers can move 1 or 2 squares in any orthogonal direction, landing in an empty square.
    Roamers can jump over one friendly roamer or one resting friendly barrier, but not an enemy barrier or roamer.
    Barriers that are jumped over are flipped to the standing position, which makes them immovable and impassable to both players.

Entrapment and Capturing:    

The Play:  

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