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Sprint is a crosswords race, inspired by Bananagrams.   Read a complete description of the game here.   The basic idea that all players race to construct a crossword from a pool of letters.   All the words in the grid must be real words, but not necessarily common words.  All play is simultaneous; more letters are added every time someone completes their grid, until all letters have been placed.

The twists for this digital game:
  • All players have the same set of  letters, so in some sense the game is completely fair - no one is stuck with a Q unless everyone is.  
  • The game ends when someone completes a grid using all letters, the winner is the player with the highest scoring grid.
  • More letters are added on a timer if no one is completing their grid.
  • The initial rack of  5 vowels makes sure you're never stuck without a vowel, and also the slots in the rack can be used to exclude letters you don't want to use immediately.

Crosswords uses a limited lexicon derived from the open source program Collins Zyzzyva, which has roughly 280,000 words considered acceptable for scrabble.   Of those, roughly 6000 are 5-letter words, but of those only about 2000 would be considered common.

  not yet.

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The back story: 
Bananagrams is a lot of fun, but perhaps a bit too frantic for repeated play.  I designed Sprint to be played online with a fast pace, but with some elements to encourage thoughtful play.

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