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Copyright 1983-2009 David L. Smith, Ch.Ch. NZ

Spangles has to be close to the simplest possible game - the pieces are just two colors of triangle, there is no board, and the goal is simply to construct a larger triangle. 

The rules: players alternate playing adjacent to the existing pattern.  The first player to form a four tile triangle with his color on all three tips (and either color in the center) wins.

Robots: to be determined, but the robot won't miss an early win.


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The back story: 
After Trax, friend-of-friend David Smith became just friend.  He rediscovered spangles, one of his earlier inventions, and encouraged me to add it to the site.  I was in a boardless tile-pattern game phase, so it made the cut (along with Che and Palago at about the same time). 


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