exxit notation

Tile Names

  • The first four tiles are labled ABCD
  • new prisoners (off board pieces) are numbered from 1. 
  • As prisoners are converted to tiles, the tiles receive the same number
  • If you turn on the "grid" option, these numbers are displayed as seen here.

exxit notation

Move Names

  • drop moves are described by just the letter or number of the target tile.
  • dance moves are described by the location of the source stack, and the location of the target stack which the dance moves toward.   If the dance moves off the board and creates a new prisoner, the new prisoner stack is noted by =#
  • converting a prisoner to a tile is noted by +nn

Common Formations

planchette japanoise

La Planchette Japonaise

(the Japanese trigger)

This is the most common devastating formation, where the secquence repeats endlessly with one player having one "free move" on each cycle.   If white is to move, a cycle of 6 moves ensues, leading back to the same position.  At step 3, black gets to move "elsewhere".  If black is careful not to give white a way to break the cycle, the results can be devastating.

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