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Crosswords is a word puzzle in the family of Jotto and Wordle.   Read a complete description of the puzzle here.   The basic idea is to use "Wordle" style feedback to complete a crossword grid.  All the words in the grid, and all probe words used, are real words - but not necessarily completely common words.

Crosswords uses a limited lexicon derived from the open source program Collins Zyzzyva, which has roughly 280,000 words considered acceptable for scrabble.   Of those, roughly 6000 are 5-letter words, but of those only about 2000 would be considered common.

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The back story: 
I first implemented a game of this type in 1979; a word game called "Jotto" which is extremely close to Wordle.   When I started adding word games to boardspace, "Jotto" came to mind immediately, but didn't make the cut, mainly because its' more of a solo puzzle than a competive game.   Then the "wordle" craze started.  Crosswordle is my original contribition to the genre.

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