The Rules for Crosswords

Score the most points by playing words on the grid.
  • Place some double/triple markers randomly on the diamonds..
  • Select a random first Player.
  • The first player places an A anywhere on the board, and selects the options for the game.
  • Allow words to be spelled backwards.
  • Allow words to be spelled diagonally
  • Allow letters to be place in multiple words, as long as all are connected.
  • Forbid duplicate words on the grid..
  • Show all letters for all players
At the end of your turn, everything on the board must be a word from the official dictionary.
At the end of your turn, draw tiles to replace all the tiles you played.

Alternate turns:
You may pass, or you may discard all tiles, mix the discarded tiles into the draw pile, and draw replacements.

Score each new word for the letters it contains, and  for each bonus square a new letter contacts.  If backwards words are allowed, and a new word spells a different word forward and backward, both words score.   If diagonal words are allowed, be sure that all the diagonals form words.

End of Game
The game ends when some players rack is empty and it is their turn, or when all players pass.
There are no penalties or bonuses for unplayed tiles.

Fine Print Rules
If backwards words are allowed, and a word spells two different words forward and backwards, both words score, effectively doubling the score.  However, palindromes, which make the same word forward and backwards, score only once.

  • Red  - Triple word score
  • Blue - Double word
  • Yellow - Triple letter
  • Green - Double letter
Each new letter's value is mutiplied for each double or triple bonus it touches.

Each double or triple word bonus that is touched by a new letter multiplies the words containing that letter.  Each word bonus applies once to each word, no matter how many letters touch it.

There is no fixed number of bonuses, each game is different.  As a rough guide, there should as many bonuses as rows on the board - ie; 15 for the standard game.
crosswords board

sample game

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