Chess960 Rules

Chess960 is also known as "Fisher Random Chess"

The main thing is that except for the setup, Chess960 is just chess.  The difference is that the major pieces are positioned mostly randomly, but with two constraints.
By some method of counting, there are 960 possible opening positions.  Hence the name.  Consequently, there is no opening book; but all the chess principles you know
from standard chess still apply.  Check/Checkmate, forks, pins, mobility, doubled pawns; everything you know or ought to know about chess still applies - except you
can't memorize openings.

Castling: Is simple; the "kings side" and "queen's side" castling moves end  with the king and rook in the same positions as in standard chess, regardless of their
starting positions.  On Boardspace, you indicate castling by moving as though the king were going to capture the rook.