The Rules for Breaking Away

This is my illustrated interpretation of the official rules, as implemented at Boardspace..
The winner of the game is the player whose team scores the most points during the race

The game is for three to six players, each player has a team of four cyclists.  The race is 2 1/2 times around the track, for a total of 100 divisions on the track, starting at 0.  Note that although the riders are physically started at -1 -2 and -3, the race begins from 0 and their initial movement will be from 0.

The race is 100 track divisions, 2 1/2 times around the track.  That is, twice past the sprint line at 33 and 73 and past the finish line at 100.

starting position
Before the start of the race, each player secretly adjusts the initial movement distances available to his riders.
  • The total for each rider remains the same.
  • No individual distance can be more than 15
  • No individual distance can be 0, except except rider 1's fourth distance can be set to zero, which leaves him with only 3 distances.  Riders can never move 0.
Note that later replenishment can be any size, but will always be at least 1.
Players Move one at a time, starting with the leading rider, then the second place rider and so on.  The players leave the track row in the same order that they arrived.  Normally this will be from inside to outside of the track, but riders will sometimes cut on the inside to maintain a consistent line.

 The player to move must use one of his 3 or 4 available distances.
New Movement Distances are assigned after all players have moved.  The key consideration is the number of riders ahead in the pack.   The number of riders ahead is the drafting factor.  Riders in the same row do not count, and the pack ends with any empty row.   Each rider gets 3+the drafting factor as his new movement.
Special rule for Break Away riders  when a new rider becomes the lead rider, and he is the only rider in the front row, his new movement is the number of spaces ahead of the next rider (instead of 3), even if this number is less than 3.  This alternate rule applies only on the turn in which a new rider takes the lead.
Lapped Riders: is possible that some riders fall so far behind that the main pack of riders passes them on the track.  It is not possible to draft these riders (although they can still draft each other).  Normally, these riders will be positioned on the outer edges of the track to help make it apparent.
Points are awarded to the first 8 players to cross the sprint and finish lines according to this table.  The player with the most points at the end of the race wins the game.

6'th 7'th
Sprint lines
Finish line

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